Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Will Return......I Have...

      I guess it is fair to say that enough is enough. After all, one cannot rest...and rest...and rest...while there is work to be done.

     Yes, the election is over, the book is out, and it would be nice to just sit a while. Alas, it cannot be so.  We are served by people who must be observed and commented upon. They are unable to simply do a job and do it well. They insist on finding the hard road; they insist on batting into the wind.  So...............

Did you really think he'd gone away,
Election over, he'd had his say?
Or did you pray he was done and dusted,
Gone for good, pen poised but rusted?

Well, it would be nice to relax and rest,
No turmoil twisting with political jest!
Yet, as politics continues with thrust and parry
Alas, poor poet, may neither linger nor tarry.

Each night, elected ones, while you hit the sack,
Someone is working, be warned, the Battler is back.

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