Friday, July 9, 2010

A Miner's Dream

On the ABC's Lateline program in the late evening of July 7, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that she will not revive the government's Emission Trading Scheme until at least 2013. See

The previous week, she had announced changes to a proposed new mining tax

"Hey, Miner-Mates,
Get yerselves over here!
Boy, do I have a new tax for you."

"Oi! Prime Minister,
Do you think we're queer?
No new tax for us; what we have will do!"

"Now there, fellers
Don't be a mug!
My new tax plan you'll think is grand.
The answer is simple.
No, now don't stand and shrug!
Its a little trick called slight-of-hand."

So, with cut and paste she ducked and weaved,
A new mining tax designed to deceive,
With cut-a-bit here and tuck-a-bit there,
"Ah yes, this new tax is fare."

"OK, Miner-Mates, now listen up,
At this new plate I'll think you'll sup.
I've trimmed a little and changed the name,
But here's the important piece of the game.
You remember Kevin's old ETS,
The one that became a bit of a mess?
Well, here I grant you a miner's dream
No carbon price 'till 2013!"

Laurie Favelle, Canberra, 8 July 2010

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