Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Election 2010 - Homelessness A Neglected Issue? Not Many - Too Few!

Although only in its early stages, our Federal election campaign does not appear to have made an issue of mental illness and homelessness.  Perhaps it is on the horizon, who knows?  One would hope so, for it is true that elections, generally, are magnets for the big ticket items, the wow factor, the sexy issue of the day.
Perhaps there is something, waiting in the shadows, to be announced down the track, by someone who cares.  Yet, there is no doubt that, in the eyes of some, this issue is one that doesn't attract votes.

A cry for help untended, a heartless act of folly!
The homeless and the helpless, hanging on by dubious thread,
The weary, wronged and beaten - defeated but not quite dead;
Those hidden by the system, to keep them out of view,
Their votes so unimportant, not many - too few!

And all their songs of melancholy
Waif-whisper, oh so pensive,
Slipping, quietly missed, by the oh so inattentive.
Wishing, waiting, wanting  - for notice, just on cue,
Alas, so unimportant, not many - too few!

Homelessness Australia
The Australian on Mental Health
AMA - Mental Health

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