Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Clunker Of An Idea

ABC News reports that Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, today announced plans to pay cash as an incentive for people to get rid of their old vehicles.

When making the announcement in Brisbane, Ms Gillard commented that "People will go to their car dealership they will negotiate, get the price that they can get for their new car, their rebate will be paid when their old car is scrapped," she said.
"The dealer will be responsible for doing that. We will have Aus Industry oversighting this."

They used to be called "rust buckets",
Now "clunker" is their name
And they are now, to one and all,
The new weapon in the climate game!

"If we get these clunkers off the road
And replaced with something new,
We'll reduce our carbon by huge amounts
(And boost new car sales, too!)."

And so, thus led by those without conviction,
We shuffle off toward extinction.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Julia is OUR AUSSIE ‘Obama’ Mamma!

This woman is a real looney! Obviously she has a secret money printing organsaition, hidden from public view. Whatever happened to her party line about getting us out of debt ASAP? while all she is doing is proposing to spend spend spend!!!! She is offering all kinds of incentives to get the vote!

Whatever happened to her parties clear the debt ASAP.... all she is proposing to do is spend spend spend....... Aussies don't want to or need to go down the same political nightmare path that the USA is traversing, so why try and imitate Obamma Mamma Julia?

Arghhhh she of all people should know – after all she advertises her hard working family background, that there are people in Australia who just cannot afford new cars, and struggle to keep what they have roadworthy and registered.

We are pensioners, we are single parents, we are family people just making ends meet from pay to pay…. her ‘bright’ (NOT) scheme is out of the reach of ordinary people. Politicians on the other hand can afford it!!!!

Get real Julia…. there is a Santa Claus, but it ain't YOU! and there is no AGW !