Friday, July 23, 2010

Gillard Climate Policy - Policy Free Zone

Prime Minister Gillard today announced her climate change policy for the forthcoming election.  I thought we were having an election to appoint our decision makers.  Now we add on an unelected committee of eager beavers to make "claytons" decisions our Parliament is to gutless to make.  Whoopee!
The Battler recommends this link as food for thought

A committee! That's what we'll do.
One hundred & fifty of our brave and true
Who will have twelve months to find an answer,
To come to grips with that carbon cancer.

Naturally, they'll report and recommend
While we, in Parliament, consider, then send
Our response to be reviewed
By "experts", with expertise imbued!

The people, shocked, in horror cried
And the world did nothing, while nature died!

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