Friday, July 30, 2010

Back To The Past, Perhaps?

     There has been much discussion during today's electioneering regarding the National Broadband Network.  The government released details of enhanced plans for the roll out of the fibre optic infrastructure, together with updated maps relating to the project.  There was also repeated reminders of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's promise to dismantle the project , should he win the forthcoming election.

     Although this subject has been mentioned in these pages already, the issue is of such national importance that it is worthy of further comment.  This will probably not be the last time!

     During today's reporting, I was reminded (somehow??) of a much earlier telecommunication service.  During the 1950's, I lived with my parents and siblings in the Sydney suburb of Brighton le Sands.  We were blessed with a telephone, the number of which I have never forgotten.....

Sydney 'phone number, 1950's, LX6180;
Black baker-lite handset, pretty flash, LX6180.
"Long distance, please," calling out of town, "This is LX6180."
"What's that? Speak up!" Calling Brissie, long distance, you know.

Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter,
Google, Yahoo, Blogspot, Flikr,
Gmail, Hotmail - its email and quicker,
Phone the world - no cost - what a ripper!

Copper lines gone, fibre on the go,
Tony gets in, we're back to LX6180!

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frogpondsrock said...

We had a black bakelite telephone when I was a child. heh I still remember the number as well.