Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain - Number 1

My history is a little rusty
When one thinks of grand old Spain.
Yet I know there's much more to the story
Than pirates, Columbus and the Main.

Memory drifts through Armadas' great
And Conquistadors of old,
Of Inquisitions of ferocious zeal,
Of explorers brave and bold.

There are tales, I know, of Spanish lust
To conquer far and near,
To be masters of the universe,
A power, bold, to fear.

Like all such tales, Spain rose and fell
From glorious wealth to bitter poor;
But in 2010 She rose again,
Number one, just read the football score!

2010 World Cup - Spain 1  Netherlands 0

Laurie Favelle, Canberra Australia 2010

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