Friday, July 16, 2010

Political Petulance - Aussie Style

During her recent speech and Q & A session at the National Press Club, new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was questioned on the events of the evening prior to her elevation to the position.  The culprit who leaked the alleged details of a meeting on that night is unknown, but there were only three people present.

"Mummy, mummy, she broke my toy!"
"Mummy, mummy, she doesn't care!"
"Mummy, mummy," cried the tearful boy,
"Now she's sitting in my favourite chair!"

Now, this little boy, a child of Christ,
Believed, full well, he'd be forgiven
When he took the knife and shunned advice
Deep in her back the blade was driven!

With a silent grin he bowed his head
And prayed his prayers beside his bed.

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