Friday, August 20, 2010

Election 2010 - V Day Minus 1! - Liberal ID Card on Cards!

In a rare corner of the Internet it was discovered today that the Liberal/National Coalition may intend to introduce a compulsory ID card.  Joe Hockey told The Age that he deeply regretted not being able to conclude his project to introduce an Access Card when previously in government.  For Access Card read ID card.  It won't achieve what is intended if it does not share information from multiple sources, including the Tax Office, Centre-link, Medicare, your doctor (presumably) and bank.  Of course, perhaps they can't run it without high speed broadband..........

Access card! Access card, I hear you say!
With us elected there will be another ray
Of hope that we, in government, can snoop
On all your secrets and the evil to which you stoop!
We know you lot are ripping off
Our health and welfare system! No, don't scoff!
Its true, but we will catch you unprepared
When our new "Snoop-card" is declared.

Er! What happened to the Internet?
Mmmm, perhaps we have cause for deep regret!

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Lisa said...

I wish this had got some media attention today.