Sunday, August 1, 2010

For Colour, Perhaps A Dab of Brown!

     Today, we saw former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer quoted as running former PM Kevin Rudd as a double agent, and then deny it. We then saw PM Gillard get stuck into Liberals for their "disgraceful attack" on Rudd.  All this while Liberals accuse Labor of a dirt campaign against Opposition Leader Abbott (see "disgraceful attack" report).
     Meanwhile, the Greens got on with the election with Leader Bob Brown officially launching their campaign.

A little bit of innuendo
A little bit of spite,
A touch of "oh no, it wasn't me!"
"The quoting is not quite right."

A little bit of indignation
A little bit of "shock, horror"
A touch of "how dare you, sir"
But not a scrap of honour.

Policies hardly worth a crumpet, little to call profound;
Perhaps, if we're seeking green, we'll need to try some Brown.

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