Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bland Election and Fan Mail

     Its nice to receive fan mail, whatever the tone.  I mean, at least you know someone is out there, someone who cares.  Of course, sometimes one's own technical incompetence adds to the flavour of comments received, thus no surprise when the "Twitterverse" delivered this comment:
"@abattlersview You've tweeted about your meager article three times in the last fifteen minutes now".

So sorry for these ditties, meagre
With lines of ten, and not much class,
A modest reflection of an election, drearier,
Than any before that's come to pass.

No plans to inspire, or perhaps enlighten,
To provide sweet hope for the years ahead!
No plans that inspire a poet to brighten
Terse verse born of fear and looming dread!

The poet, poised, with pen and paper
With pensive purpose plans another caper.

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