Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Election 2010 - V Day Minus 3! - Debate, Or Whatever, Done & Dusted!

The somewhat unexpected second forum, held in Brisbane, is over.  There is no doubt in this Battler's mind that both political leaders have run a gruelling race with dignity and courage.  Regardless of our political view, perhaps we should be thankful that we have leaders who have been so willing to give so much of themselves.

So, now they've had the final forum,
As the end approaches of this election race.
The leaders performing with defined decorum,
Acknowledging their public with style and grace.

Midst the hew and cry of electioneering,
They have stood above the baying crowd;
With respect from fickle foe and friends believing,
And party faithful standing proud.

We, not exposed to political fury,
Hold their fate, both judge and jury.

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