Friday, August 6, 2010

Former PM"s One, Two, Three!

As week three of our little election campaign draws steadfastly to a close, former Prime Ministers are keen to regain another moment in the sun.  Howard, Rudd and Fraser have provided their 2 bobs worth.  Oh well, you get that........

Now former Prime Ministers have entered the fray.
(Who, for a moment, thought they'd stay away?)
Howard and Fraser and poor bleedin' Rudd,
No policies from them, just flinging the mud.

Old Hawkey and Keating may patch up their blue
To line up with others at the Prime Ministerial Zoo.
While Gough will be cheered in a moment of glory
Admirers rejoicing in a make-believe story.

Yet we who look on during this electoral season
May recall they're all "former" for a very good reason!

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