Thursday, August 19, 2010

Election 2010 - V Day Minus 2! - Tony's Campaignathon!

After the non-debate in Brisbane last night we have spent most of today hearing how Tony Abbott is to undertake a campaignathon of 36 hours.  I guess that's fair enough!  After all, surely he can make his own choices at work?

"I'll campaign all night long," he said
"For 36 hours straight!"
"I want the people to really know
I'm ready to guide their fate."

"I tell you now I've learned a lot
And in understanding truly grown."
"I'm packed for moving to the Lodge
Smugglers, bike and tin can phone."

Whispers, "Now listen Andrew, Joe and July, tell me what you think;
Do you think we can get without a bleedin' stink?"

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